with oily skin, comes large pores, not pretty. i suffer with pretty big, open pores on my nose and cheeks. some of it's down to my oily skin and some of it's inherited, either way, make up sometimes sits in them and it's just not a good look. so, any primer or serum that claims to blur them, hide them or tighten them is right up my street. since this product is from bioderma it's got lots of skin kind goodies in to to really help combat pores. this is also specifically formulated for oily skin to help refine the skins texture and keep everything matte throughout the day.

this is a daily treatment, that with prolonged use, can help tighten dilated pores, prevent imperfections and mattify the skin. all this helps improve the skins texture and make pores less visible. the concentrate helps keep oil production to a minimum, thus unblocking pores and meaning less break outs. it's also got antioxidants in it to help give the skin radiance and protect it further. i saw an improvement in the appearance of my pores straight away, my make up sat much better on top of this and my skin looked much smoother.

it's a very lightweight formula that quickly sinks, leaving a matte finish in and doesn't interfere with any primers or make up. as i said, make up applies seamlessly over the top of this and it really helps my make up stay flawless looking for a long time. my pores in general are a lot smaller and less dilated. i've had less whitehead/blackheads appearing on my nose, meaning my pores are less congested which is all down to this i think. a little goes a long way and it didn't take long for the results to show.

this is now a staple in my skincare/make up routine. it's really helped improve the appearance of my pores and how clogged they we're. my skin feels and looks a lot smoother. it also works so well paired with the bioderma sebium mat moisturising mattifying fluid moisturiser, which i love, they've really helped improve my oily skin. if your on the hunt for something to help hide those pores, but help treat them too, look this way. have you tried this product? do you have any other bioderma recommendations?

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