in my first perfect partners post i talked about two products i love for thoroughly cleaning my oily skin. this post is similar as these two skincare products help keep your make up in place and keep oil at bay once you've applied your make up. when these two are used together, something magical happens, you have perfectly set in place make up, that stays oil-free for hours.

urban decay de-slick is a specifically designed setting spray that fights excess oil and leaves your make up with a flawless looking matte finish. this stuff is essentially an oily skinned gals dream. it's a very light-weight mist that you can't feel at all once it sinks into the skin. it doesn't leave a film over your make up or interfere with it at all. i like to apply this under my make up and then again on top, meaning i've got two layers of oil prevention going on. once this is applied your base just looks so airbrushed and perfect, with a subtle matte finish. this stuff just works miracles and i couldn't be without it. it's been an absolute godsend during all this hot weather we've been having!
i'm sure we all know about mac fix +, the all in one essential that i think everyone should own. it's another mist that got lots of vitamins and minerals in it to give the skin a moisture boost and leave you looking radiant. this stuff also smells so delicious. it can be used in a lot of different ways too, spritz it on to a make up sponge to apply your base, use it to moisten a brush to use with eye shadows and lastly to set your make up. this is also particularly good if your base looks a little cakey, it just helps to settle everything down.

when you pair these two together they just work so well. i like to use the mac fix + first to make everything look healthy and well finished and the urban decay de-slick to seal it all in place, adding a final layer of matte, oil protection. they give my make up so much longevity and it takes a long time for there to be any oil break through at all, meaning touch ups are very minimal. my make up just looks so well done and flawless with these applied, they are absolute staples in my collection and i'm so glad i discovered this pairing. if you struggle with oily skin, your make up disappearing or longevity, you need to invest in these two! have you tried either of these products? do you have any setting spray recommendations?

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  1. I have combination skin but this is a good post and very useful for people with oily skin.

    1. ahhh, i'm sure this would work even better on your combination skin! the urban decay de-slick is an absolute godsend!