real techniques buffing brush, part of the core collection - £21.99
this brush, or anything with the real techniques name on it pretty much explains itself. they really are the most affordable, yet brilliant quality brushes. i've been very loyal for a long time to my eco tools brushes, but these have very quickly taken their place. they wash so much better and are much sturdier. this brush just applies foundation like a dream, it buffs it into the skin, rather than leaving it sitting on top. it gives such a flawless finish and doesn't drag or shed. the whole core collection is just amazing, i love the pointed foundation brush for blending concealer under the eyes and the contour brush applies the perfect amount of highlighter to the cheeks.

yet another brilliant product from nspa. i think they're such an underrated brand that i never hear much about. but i personally love everything i've tried from them and all their products are so affordable, you can pick them up in asda! this foot file is the perfect multitasker, it's got all the files and buffers you could ever need all in one place. it's got a brush and a very gentle file on one side and a pumice stone and buffer on the other. it just does exactly what it says on the tin and sorts out any rough skin on your feet. and it was an absolute bargain too!

these are another thing i really haven't heard anyone mention and i don't know why because they are such brilliant products. i was just browsing the revlon stand when i spotted these and i instantly fell in love. firstly they're excellent quality for high street eye shadow, they're very pigmented, apply smoothly and last all day. secondly, they're teeny tiny, so perfect for travelling with and they clip together, so you can create your own little palette. there's a range of colours and finishes, so there's something for everyone, love love love these.

i've spoken before about how much i love the l'oreal sulphate free range, the shampoo and conditioners are excellent and it's so nice to finally be able to get hold of sulpahte free stuff on the high street. i picked this up the other day when they were on three for two and i'm so glad i did. it's once of the most moisturising and nourishing hair masks i've ever used. it's a really think consistency and my hair instantly drank it up. i left it on for about twenty minutes and my hair was soft and shiny afterwards. my split ends were much less frazzled looking and felt much less dry. i can't recommend this one enough.

i wont sit and ramble on about this too much, because i've professed my love for this in a blog post here. i'm pretty much beyond obsessed with this and as i said in the post, i think it's now my favourite lush product ever. it so luxurious on the skin and it's basically the best smelling product ever. it's also a brilliant time saver, just slap it on in the shower and your body mositurising is done for the day! just go and buy this, you need it, trust me!

again, no introduction needed here. so far out of the starter set, this is my favourite brush. as with all the brushes it's really soft and comfortable on the skin. this one is quite flexible and i've found it's good at adding a wash of colour all over the lid and adding colour into the crease. it just makes eye shadow application quick and easy, as well as giving it a polished finish.

what have you been loving this month? have you tried any of the products i've mentioned?

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  1. The Revlon eye shadows look great! I love that you can clip them together, it's such a smart idea.


    1. they're excellent quality, can't recommend them enough! i want to pick up some of the brown/taupe shades! i agree, nice to have a dinky palette that can travel with you! thanks for your comment! x

  2. love the Revlon eyeshadows, they are so cute. Really cool the way they all click together to create a palette

    Over on my blog I am giving away a Real Techniques brush set, YSL lippy and Barry M Nail varnishes


    1. they are really dinky! agreed, you can make a neutral one or a bright one, it's such a good idea!
      thanks for your comment and i'll check out your blog! x

  3. I love the real techniques buffing brush, it works perfectly! I really want to try the Revlon eyeshadows, they loo really good! :)

    1. i agree, such an affordable brush, but it does such a good job! you must get some of the revlon eye shadows, they're really great!
      thanks for your comment! x