this stuff, oh my god, this stuff. this is the most amazing and delicious smelling shower product i think i've ever used. it is literally heaven in a pot, can you tell i love it? everything about this is just utterly wonderful, the smell, the texture, how it nourishes your skin, it's just an all round fabulous product. compared to other lush products it looks a little on the bland side, but don't underestimate this beauty!

so, firstly, the idea of this is genius, it's essentially the equivalent of a hair conditioner, but for you skin. it's full of lots of hydrating, skin kind goodies to leave your limbs silky smooth and smelling delicious. it's got argan oil, almond oil and brazil nut oil in it, just to mention a few, so as you can imagine as you massage this in to the skin it thoroughly nourishes and plumps it up. your skin is left looking so smooth and radiant, its such a luxurious product. then of course there's the smell, the beautiful smell of roses, that's also slightly sweet thanks to vanilla and shea butter that's in there too. it's so warming and thoroughly delicious. i feel like some soft of goddess when i flounce out of the shower having applied this! it's also an excellent product if, like me, your a tad lazy when it comes to body moisturising. you just pop this on to damp skin whilst your in the shower or bath, rinse off the excess and boom, your left with silky smooth, moisturised skin.

i could sit and ramble on about how much i love this but i just wouldn't do it justice, next time your in lush, just go and smell this and you'll get it. i think it's safe to say this is now one of my all time favorite lush products and i will always have it in my shower. it's a brilliant multitasking product that is and absolute treat for the skin, i really can't recommend it enough! i'm very tempted to try the new version of this, the african paradise one, it sounds equally dreamy! have you tried either of these products?

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  1. nice selection of products!body argan conditioner from lush is such a fab product! smells so good too.

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  2. it is the best thing ever and the smell is so so so delicious! thanks for your comment! x