in my july favorites i mentioned how much i liked the sure maximum protection antiperspirant, it's been a life-saver during the really hot weeks we've had! recently i was sent these other sure products to try and was thrilled to receive them. as i've mentioned before sure has been my choice of deodorant/antiperspirant for years, so i was eager to give these versions a go.

the sure compressed sprays are brilliant little things because one, they contain the same amount of product, just in a smaller bottle, which is good for the environment, as there's less waste from packaging and two, they're the perfect size to pop in your handbag! the cotton scent is really refreshing and leaves you feeling clean and dry all day. it's also nice to have with you so you can give yourself a quick spritz if your feeling a little flustered.
as for the sure maximum protection, i love this stuff, it's the most long lasting and effective antiperspirant i've ever tried. it's a creme formula that you twist up and roll onto your armpits. it sinks in very quickly and doesn't leave you with that sticky, 'i need to walk around with my arms in the air for ten minutes' feeling. this stuff keeps you dry for so long, it's particularly good at keeping the sweat at bay during gym sessions and stressful commutes. it also keeps any sweaty smells away too, it's got a fresh scent to it that lasts all day. this is just an amazing all rounder, you only need to apply it once in the morning and your good to go.

these are both brilliant products that do exactly what they say on the tin. i'm officially a convert to the roll on sure maximum protection, it works so much better than any other spray or roll on i've ever tried. if your struggling to find an antiperspirant that covers all bases and actually works, i can't recommend this one enough. and as i said, i like to carry the compressed one around in my handbag just in case. have you tried either of these products? what's your antiperspirant of choice?

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*pr sample
although this was a gifted item, i am not being paid for this post, all the opinions are mine and one hundred percent honest and true.

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