tend skin liquid - £12.95
shaving is one of those beauty chores that we all hate, it's boring and time consuming. and lets face it, nine times out of ten you end up with unsightly razor rash, or cutting yourself. that's where this life-saver of a product steps in. the amount of times i've had to change my outfit because my legs look awful as a result of shaving in a rush, where has this stuff been all my life!? 

you only need a few drops of this on a cotton pad swept over your legs and your good to go. now, i must admit, at first i was a but dubious about it. it smells a lot like nail varnish remover and it does kind of feel like your just slathering your legs in nail varnish remover. and because of the smell i thought i was going to be really strong and sting any cuts or razor rash, but it does the complete opposite. it has a very soothing, almost cooling effect on the skin and within seconds and razor burn or nicks in the skin begin to settle. i love how this leaves my legs looking, they look very smooth and the hair follicles look less prominent. it's just an absolute miracle worker, particularly if your in a hurry and need to bare your legs, pop a bit of this on and your good to go. you can also use this under your arms and on the bikini line which is an absolute godsend! this is an excellent multitasker because it can be used by men too. they can use it on their faces and necks if they have an rashes or irritation caused by shaving. i tried it out on my boyfriend, he had a small patch of razor rash on his neck and over night this stuff worked it's magic, by the morning it was gone. my only very small complaint about this is that it can be a tad drying. but i've found once i leave it to sink in for a few minutes, i just pop on some body lotion and any dry patches dissapear and don't reoccur.

ladies and gents, wherever it is your shaving, you need this wonder product. this has now achieved holy grail status and will forever be in my stash! i can't stress how brilliant this is and i'm sure it'll be a solution to an annoying problem for a lot of people. have you tried this product?

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