eucerin dermopurifyer cleanser - £9.50
recently i've been having a bit of a tough time with my skin. it's been very unsettled, i've had lots of breakouts consisting of very painful, cystic spots, it's just been a complete mess really! so with all this in mind i had a dig through my stash in search of something to help combat the situation. i came across this cleanser, which in all honesty, i'd completely forgotten i had, oops! but this cleanser is specifically geared towards oily, blemished skin, exactly what i needed. so i started using this daily and it has well and truly saved my skin!

this is a very basic cleanser, which is excellent when your having skin issues because you want targeted treatment, rather than over loading the skin. it removes excess oil from the skin, gently cleanses and reduces bacteria growth. the perfect combination of things to help clear breakouts and calm the skin. eucerin is also a dermatologically tested, dermatologist-recommended skincare brand and it can also be used in conjunction with medical acne treatment. basically, their products are the things you need when your skin is angry at you.
this cleanser is very mild and gentle, yet it's packed full of active, skin-healing ingredients. firstly and most importantly, it's got salicylic acid in it. this stuff is your skins best friend when it comes to fighting breakouts. it basically encourages the sloughing away of dead skin cells, it also gets inside the follicle and clears it out, unblocking the pore. pretty gross, but it works wonders. there's citric acid in it too which also acts to remove dead skin cells and speed up new cell growth. in turn this helps improve the appearance of acne scaring and uneven skin tone.
so,with my skin being so upset i decided to strip back my skincare routine and use just this cleanser, plus an oil to remove make up. i used the cleanser morning and night, in conjunction with the eucerin dermopurifyer toner and the eucerin dermopurifyer active concentrate. doing this really saved my skin from the terrible state it was in. within only a couple of days of using just the cleanser my skin had improved. my spots were much less angry and had shrunk considerably. the redness and pain surrounding the breakouts had also reduced a lot. my skin completely cleared up once i introduced the other to products, it only took around a week for my skin to return to normal thanks to these products.

if your having a skin nightmare and feel like you've tried everything, please invest in some eucerin products and give them a go. i tired several of my usual holy grail skin treatments and nothing helped apart from these products. they've been absolute lifesavers for me and i'll always have them in my arsenal for future uncontrollable breakouts! i'm interested in trying the eucerin dermopurifyer scrub too. have you tried any of the eucerin products? do you have any recommendations?

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