i found emma's blog a while ago now, but i instantly fell in love with it. we've got very similar tastes, particularly when it comes to lipstick shades! her post are so well put together and easy to read. she also takes really good photos! soon after finding her blog i started to watch her youtube videos and they're just as brilliant. and to top it of her accent is amazing! her videos are really well edited together and contain brilliant content. go follow this lady!

lillian's blog was one that was recommended to me by a friend, i'd also seen her mentioned by a few other people and i can see why! firstly i love her simple, fresh blog design, it's really pretty and easy to navigate. secondly i looove her writing style, it all just flows so well and you don't want to stop reading! she has a such a range of posts from tips and tricks, to favourites and make up. she's also just started making youtube videos and they're equally as beautiful as her blog.

isobel's blog is just all round brilliant. there's a bit of everything on it and everything she posts is thoroughly enjoyable to read. i always admire her photos too, they're so eye-catching and well arranged. if your interested in travel related posts, she's got that basis covered too! somehow i manged to miss that she also makes youtube videos! so i'm currently binge-watching her videos! makes sure you check out both her channel and blog!

natalie, adorethee blog
natalie's blog is a constant source of inspiration for me. the way she writes, the way she puts her posts together, her pictures, she's definitely got the knack for creating amazing content. she always manages to describe products just so perfectly and she could sell me practically anything! she mixes a bit of fashion with beauty and it just works so well together. her blog design is also another one that's really simple yet effective.

these beautiful bloggers and the ladies i mentioned in my first favourite blogs post are must-reads in my book, i can't recommend their blogs and youtube channels enough! which are your favourite blogs at the moment? do you have any blog recommendations?

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