mitchum advanced woman pure fresh 48hr protection antiperspirant and deodorant - £2.99
deodorant is one of those underrated beauty products. we all use it, everyday and yet it's very rarely talked about. i think it's also quite a personal thing, some people like roll on, others like aerosols. but once you find one that you really like and really works for you its a bit of a hooray moment. i know i've been through a fair few brands and types that just haven't worked. but i think i may have found my holy grail antiperspirant/deodorant.

mitchum is a brand that's more of a heavy-duty antiperspirant. their focus is to keep sweating to a minimum and keep and odors at bay. they have a range of aerosols, roll-ons and cream deodorants. i chose the aerosol as i just find them quicker and easier to apply. this one in particular claims to release oxygen though out out the day to help fight any odors produced. and i have to say, this stuff really, really works. it kept my armpits dry all day and they just smelt so fresh and clean. i really like the scent, it's slightly cirtusy and not too overpowering. it's also got aloe and vitamin e in it to soothe your under arm skin and it's dermatologically tested, so should be okay for even sensitive skin. i'm so impressed with how well this works and how long it lasts. it even managed to keep me sweat-free and odorless in the gym. it also leaves a nice clean scent on your clothes too.

if your on the hunt for the do it all deodorant and antiperspirant, this is the one for you. other than the sure maximum protection roll on, i've never found a deodorant that works this well. i'll definitely be trying the mitchum ultimate women fresh soft solid antiperspirant & deodorant to see if can top this one. but for the time being this will now be my go to antiperspirant, i'm so happy i tried this. have you tried any mitchum products? do you have an antiperspirant/deodorant recommendations?

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  2. The stick deodorants primarily act to make your skin more acidic, and in this way, stop the growth of the bacteria that cause the odor that emanates from your underarms as they feed on the odorless sweat. Antiperspirant

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