aussie is a brand i've loved for a long time, i remember years ago, when i was about eleven or twelve, this was one of the first hair care products my mum gave me, i felt so grown up! i used the original 3 minute miracle reconstructor for ages, but as my hairs now pretty long, i thought this one would work even better. i mentioned in my october favourites that i needed to step up my hair care routine as the colder weather is seriously drying my hair out, so i knew this would help inject some much needed moisture and life back into my barnet!

this is, as the name suggests, a 3 minute, intensive conditioning and repairing treatment. the idea is to use this in the shower, after shampooing your hair and before or in place of conditioning. one pump is enough to cover the mid lengths and ends of my hair, i apply it and leave it to work its magic whilst i shave my legs or exfoliate. i then rinse it off and use my normal conditioner too, just to add even more moisture to my hair. i also like to use this as a super intensive treatment mask, sometimes i apply it and leave it on my hair for 20-30 minutes and i also like to leave it overnight if my hair is in a really dire state. this formulation is similar to the original but it has blue mountain eucalyptus in it which helps improve hair health and stimulate the hair follicles to encourage growth. there's also avocado oil in there which helps add lots of moisture to the hair, along with deeply conditioning.
i use this everyday, as i have to wash my hair everyday and i have to say this stuff really is the best of the best when it comes to instant results. firstly there's the heavenly scent that all aussie products have, it's just so dreamy! secondly, my hair just loves this stuff, it instantly drinks it up, it's left silky soft and so much less dry. my split ends have improved so much and my hair feels a lot less brittle. all that being said, i do still think i prefer the original 3 minute miracle reconstructor. i think it's just that little bit more concentrated, it's thicker in consistency and packs even more of a punch when it comes to conditioning and repairing the hair. and the classic aussie smell is even stronger and long lasting on the hair.

if like me, your hair needs an instant pick me up, with results that last, aussie has got you covered. the 3 minute miracle reconstructors are cult products for a reason. they really work and the results they give are long lasting, even when you stop using the product. and there's also lots of choice, there's specific ones for coloured hair, frizzy hair, damaged hair, added shine and heat defense. i've just noticed the winter 3 minute miracle winter remedy, how had this escaped my attention before?! i am definitely going to have to get my paws on that! have you tried any of the aussie products? do you have any recommendations?

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    1. totally agree! i'm really eager to try the winter remedy version! x

  2. I love this works a treat - normally use it as an intensive treatment and leave overnight.

    1. it is the best stuff for rescuing your hair! it was so lovely to see you again at the voucher codes swapshop! x

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