surprise surprise. i think this will be on a lot of new bloggers lists. when you first start up you blog you work really hard and more often than not, get no comments and very little views. this can be very disheartening and put you off. and often if you work full time along side your blog, you can not have enough time to sit down and write a blog post or take photos. or in my case, life just gets in the way, my health has been quite bad recently, so half the time i was to tired to do anything let alone blog, or when i wasn't feeling too bad i was unsure of where to start again. but this year i've decided i'm going to be more organised with my blog, have a proper schedule and a notebook with all my ideas and what not. i also think it's important to remember that your blog is a hobby, something you enjoy doing and if you start to think of it as a chore and no longer enjoy doing it, i think that's the time to call it quits.

again, surprise surprise!  this one isn't really one of those i want to join a gym to get slim and fit, although that would be nice, it's more of a need to help with my health. i have a couple of health conditions that regular, gentle exercise can help ease some of the symptoms. plus, i'd like to just generally be more active and feel better in myself and the gym is a great place to start. the change in diet is also to benefit my general health, but really it's just because my diet is absolutely appalling. i eat way too much junk food, drink far too many cups of coffee, cans of energy drinks and i eat chocolate on a daily basis. i know, not good. so i'd like to make more of an effort to eat better, healthier meals in the new year.

this goes alongside the whole healthier lifestyle thing. i think if i can learn to cook quick and tasty, yet healthy meals, i'll be more likely to stick to a healthier diet. i've also always wanted to learn to cook a proper meal, rather than boring old pasta or  beans on toast. honestly, i'm useless in the kitchen! unless its baking, which, if i do say so myself, i excel at. but baking loads of cakes isn't exactly going to help my whole new healthy lifestyle thing...

this has been on my list for about five years, but as usual more important things get in the way and it's just never been done. which is really annoying because i have all the wallpaper and paint stashed under my bed. i also brought all new furniture a couple of years ago and i've got bags of decor bits that i'm dying to get out. i hope i can start this asap and get it done as quickly as possible, i don't fancy camping out on the floor for too long!

this one also kind of tied in with more blogging. i want to more organised in all aspects of my life. i've always been pretty good at writing important dates and appointments in my diary, but i want to set myself daily to do lists and keep better track of my finances. i also want to keep my receipts in order, so if i need to take something back, i know where to start looking for it! another thing i need to do is, once my bedroom is decorated, is keep it a lot tidier. i'm partial to having a bit of a floordrobe and just having piles of 'stuff' cluttering up free space. i'm going to take the whole tidy house tidy mind thing on board and try and stick with it.

i think courtesy of lily pebbles, this will be on a lot of people's resolution lists! i have about 4 or 5 scrapbooks lying around my bedroom and hundreds of photos to fill them with. i'm not sure why i've never got round to actually filling them, i suppose other things just took up my time. but, i've ordered lots of washi tape and little decorative bits to make it all arty-looking, so as soon as those bits arrive i'll get to it! i'm also very tempted to buy one of the project life scrapbooks lily used!

so those are my 2015 new years resolutions! whats are yours? do you have any plans for the new year? oh and p.s. mum, if your reading this, my extra resolution, just for you, is to wear my bite-guard!

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  1. Definitely need to blog more! Happy new year!

    1. me too, i'm really hoping having an actual schedule and a notebook full of ideas will help!
      happy new year to you too! x

  2. Blogging more is a tricky one - I found it took so long before my posts were even getting read by more than 10 people so found it so disheartening when I'd spent so long pouring my heart into them! But don't give up, your blog is fantastic!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. it is indeed! yep, i know exactly how that feels! it's the worst when you get writers block and you don't know where to start! but as i said above, hopefully a schedule will help me stick at it!
      your blog is lovely! thanks so much for the comment, it means a lot! happy new year! x x