as one of my new years resolutions is to blog more and be more organised, i thought it was about time i set a schedule for my blog. so here it is, hopefully i can stick to it and it'll help my blog grow!

- i plan to have a new post every monday, wednesday and friday. i'm not sure weather to put the posts live during the day, perhaps 12/1pm in the afternoon or 6/6:30pm in the evening, what would you guys prefer?

- there will be a monthly favourites post one a month, maybe two if i do a non-beauty favourites too. the posts will go live on the last day of the month.

- i'd also like to do a favourite blogs post once every 2-3 months.

- provided i'm lusting after enough products, there'll be a monthly wishlist. and lets be honest, there's always something i'm after!

- and if i have time or there's something i desperately want to share with you guys, there'll be extra posts in between my scheduled days too.

so there it it! i may make a few amendments to it, but i'm pretty happy with it for now. lets hope i can stick to this and you guys like the new schedule. thanks to all of you that follow my little blog and all of you that regularly read and comment on my posts, it means the world!

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