i think you'l agree with me, the concept of an exfoliating scrub for your hair, is a bit of an odd one. i've personally never seen it before until i picked this up. and in all honesty, i thought it was more likely than not, to be a bit of gimmick. i really wasn't expecting much from it, but i was very pleasantly surprised by it and i think it'll now be a staple product in my hair care routine!

the idea of this is that it smooths and seals the appearance of split ends, leaving your hair silky smooth. it's specifically designed for mid-length to long hair and has vanilla milk and papaya extracts to help soften and moisturise the hair. then of course there's the tiny micro beads in it that gently soften split ends. to use it, you just massage it through the hair, leave it to work its magic for one minute and rinse it out. whilst i was rinsing this out, was when i realized it'd done something amazing to my hair. never have i used a product that's instantly left my hair feeling like silk, a hundred times healthier and knot free. this even rivals the brilliant aussie 3 minute miracle! you can use this in place of your normal conditioner, but i use it as well as conditioner, because my hair's so dry it needs all the moisture it can get!

i really couldn't get over how soft my hair was and i couldn't wait to dry it to see if it really had helped my frizzy, dry split ends. and low and behold, it had! they were so much less straw-like and they weren't sticking out all over the place. they also stayed a lot smoother and tamed for the day after use too. using this in conjunction with the aussie 3 minute miracle has left my hair all swishy and touchably soft! i love this stuff and can't recommend it enough! if you have long hair and struggle with split ends, this stuff is the answer. have you tried any of the other garnier ultimate blends products? do you have any recommendations?

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  1. Wow this is a different product, but I'm so intrigued! I am so going to buy this tomorrow, thank you for the fab review!

    alice x | beautybyalicee

    1. isn't it! i honestly thought i would be rubbish! but i love it, it's done amazing things for my very long, dry hair! it also smells so delicious! ahhh, i'm glad you liked it! i hope you get on as well with it as i have! i'll keep my eyes peeled for a review!

      thanks for your comment! x