i think when i comes to beauty, looking after yours hands often gets overlooked and i'm guilty of doing so. i never really liked hand creams and i just couldn't be bothered to wait for it to sink in. i also used to neglect my cuticles too, i used to bite my nails and the skin around them, (i know, gross!), but i've now made a conscious effort to take better care of my hands. and i've found a few favourite products that make the process quick and easy.

okay, i know it's a bit cheeky of me to include this one as we can't get it in the uk, but i am obsessed with these cute little hand sanitizers from bath and body works. i went seriously ott when i was in vegas and brought home about forty of these, i know, i told you i was obsessed! anyway, i love hand sanitizer of any description because i am a bit of a germaphobe. and having several health issues that mean i have a virtually nonexistent immune system makes that even worse. so when i'm out and about, as soon as i touch anything or before i eat, i smother my hands in this. the fact that this stuff smells absolutely incredible is just an added bonus! it also gives your hands a but of a moisture boost and leaves them nice and soft.

you all know by now that lush are one of my favourite brands and their charity pots are no exception. i like the little one pound pots because they're easy to pop in your handbag, so you can take them out and about with you and two, the lotion is so moisturising and hydrating. i reserve these solely for use on my hands and they work a treat, any dry patches are quickly soothed and it sinks into the skin very quickly. it also works really effectively on dry cuticles. and, as with all lush products, it's got a delicious scent that lingers on the skin.

now, i have a bit of a confession to make here, cuticles kind of gross me out. and i used to hate the thought of having to attended to them, until i found this stuff. it so simple to use, you just squeezed a little of the products onto the cuticles, leave it for a couple of minutes and push it back with the flat end of the nozzle, job done. it's painless, quick and my cuticles are removed and the skin around them is soft and moisturized. i really want to try the sally hansen healthy cuticles now and with the colder weather my hands are a lot dryer than usual and i think my nails and cuticles could benefit from this.

leighton denny crystal nails file - £25.08
i think a crystal nail file is an essential for everyone, they're the best type of file, they don't make the nails weak or brittle and they don't wear too many of the layers of the nail down. they're so easy to use and they get the job done without any fuss. they also last forever, you wont need to replace this for a long time. i even use this on my gel nails if they get too long or i snag them and it works just as well. also, if you buy the kit i've linked, you get a full size file and miniature one in a nice carry case to keep it all safe.

elizabeth arden eight hour cream - £26.00
this is a product that needs very little introduction. everyone raves about it, everyone loves it and rightly so. i'd never really given into the hype and purchased it, until i brought it for my mum at christmas, now i'm fully hooked! i love the scent, i love the consistency of it and i love how it feels on the skin. evidently, my mum is also chuffed with this stuff, being a dental hygienist means her hands are in gloves all day and they get very dry and crepey, this has combated all that for her. her hands are silky soft and smooth, as are mine!

bourjois magic 2-in-1 nail polish remover - £5.99
this is another product that gets rave reviews and i finally managed to get my hands on it. in all honesty, i don't know how i coped without it! as you probably know by now, i have gel nails, so have no direct use for this on my hands. BUT i included it because it saves all that faffing around with cotton pads and getting the nasty smell of nail varnish remover on your hands. i also love this because i don't have to put gloves on to protect my nails from the acetone. all you do it screw the top off and the sponge is already attached to the lid, soaked in remover. just a few dabs onto my toe nails and all the nail varnish is gone. and this doesn't have  foul smell, it's got  a pleasant fruity/vanilla scent.

these are a few of my favourite products that'll help keep your hands in tip top condition, particularly during these chilly winter months! i've also been eyeing up the lush lemon flutter cuticle butter and the lush ultrabalm. have you tried any of the products i've mentioned? do you have any recommendations?

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  1. Oh my god love the title!!

  2. I seriously need to try that 8-hour cream - your right everyone raves about it! Although I need to have a think about spending £26 on cream!

    Loving this post - I may have to steal the idea!


    1. i thought exactly the same, the price put me off for ages, but it really is worth it! i love using it as a lip balm too! i have found it slightly cheaper on a few websites, so have a shop around!
      thank you, if you do do it, let me know, i'd love to see what you recommend! x x