finally for us brits, the wait is over! serozinc has finally landed on our side of the pond and it's a big hit. this product has been raved about a lot and unless you had a trip to paris in your diary, there was no chance of getting your hands on it, until now. this is said to be a quick fix for oily, blemish prone skin and it really, really doesn't disappoint. i can't remember the last time a skincare product impressed me this much, this quickly. be prepared for some gushing, because i am completely smitten with this stuff.

in case you hadn't noticed by now, la roche-posay are one of my favourite skin care brands and a lot of their products are part of my daily skincare regime. and this little beauty is a welcome edition to the family. if you have oily, blemished or angry skin, this stuff is quickly going to become your new best friend. this miracle product is comprised of just three ingredients, thermal spring water, zinc sulpahte and sodium chloride. the water helps refresh your skin, the zinc sulphate helps heal blemishes and reduce inflammation and the sodium chloride (salt) is cleansing and has antiseptic properties. you simply shake the bottle and spritz the fine mist all over your skin. i like to use it after cleansing, before moisturisers and serums, as a toner.  i apply it morning and night and you can use it through out out the day as often as you need. it can also be applied over make up.

so, with all that being said, does it work? and the answer to that is a big fat yes! this stuff really is incredible. within two days of using this, the improvement in my skin was massive. the first thing i noticed was how much the redness and size of my spots had reduced. they were so much less angry and swollen and they dried up virtually over night. it's also kept future breakouts a bay, when i thought i was going to get an enormous spot, a spray of this and the morning after, no sign of any new spots. the other huge effect its had on my skin is that its reduced oil production. when i wake up in the morning my skin no longer feels slippery and greasy, it's just clean and fresh. even through the day, shine is taking a lot longer to break through my make up and there's a lot less of it. this is a huge deal for me, because my extremely oily skin is the bane of my life and i'm always on the hunt for things to tackle it and to find something that works this well, this quickly is amazing. it's just all round improved the apperence and health of my skin it's so much smoother and happier. it looks so much better and my make up is applying and sitting better on it.

i think it's pretty clear that this is a new holy grail product for me and i will never be without it again. it really is a miracle product that i'm so glad it actually lived up to the hype. i can't recommend this enough, to everyone, not just people with oily, spotty skin. it can help sooth angry, red skin too. i think this could help everyone's skin issues. as i said in this post, it's currently exclusive to escentual and they're offering 2.15% off everything on their site, so go check it out! have you tried serozinc yet? let me know how you get on with it when you do!

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  1. So happy its in the UK!!