i haven't really talked much about my favourite fragrances on my blog. but when i discovered this hidden gem in my perfume stash a few weeks ago, i knew i had to talk about it. i suppose we all have a sort of 'signature' scent, a scent that everyone associates with you and a fragrance you prefer. i don't actually have a favourite perfume, i have a few, but the notes i prefer in perfumes are woody, musky and quite mature to some extent. the majority of my perfumes smell very similar, the only time i tend to stray from my normal scents is in the summer, i lean more towards fruity scents. that being siad, this one is very unique and is a right mixure of different notes.

firstly, lets just talk about the bottle, how beautiful is that!? i love it so much, i love the leaves etched into the glass, i love that it's shaped like an apple and i love that you press the stalk down to spray the fragrance. it's looks so nice out on display and i think i'll have to hang on to the bottle when i've used it up! lets move on to whats inside, i have to say, i think this is an incredibly unique  perfume and i think you'll either, love it or hate it. i've never smelt anything quite like it and i think it's truly beautiful. i've also received so many compliments while wearing this. 
it has a real mixture of fragrance notes in it, that you normally wouldn't see together, but it all just works so well. there's fragrant notes of liquorice, aniseed, ivy, violet and tonka bean. then sweet notes of amerena cherry, vanilla and praline. and floral notes of iris and musk. see what i mean, there's a lot going on! all this just creates the most individual, grown up, beautiful scent. when you first spray this, it's a very strong scent and you can really smell the aniseed and liquorice notes in it. but as it starts to sink into the skin, it changes to a deeper, musky scent, that is still very fresh at the same time. it also lasts a very long time on the skin and on clothing.

basically, you just need to go and smell this! it's so hard to describe fragrances, but this one in particular is very hard to get right! it's just so unique, but so very beautiful. i really love it and haven't stopped wearing it. i'm also really intrigued to try the lolita lempicka minuit sonne eau da parfum, which is a more woody, oriental version of the original. have you tried this perfume or any of the others? do you have any perfume recommendations?

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