on december the 7th, myself and rachel headed off to oxford to attend a lush christmas event. the lovely Adrienne from late night nonsense arrange the whole thing, but was unfortunately too poorly to attend, such a shame! as usual all the staff at lush oxford outdid themselves, they're all so lovely! they'd laid out some yummy drinks and nibbles for us, then went on to tell us about all the exciting things they had planned for the evening.

first of all we got to make bath bombs! i know, i was so excited! it's something i've always wanted to do. we made out very own big blue which i'd personally never tried. but it sounded dreamy, it's got arame seaweed in it which helps regulate your metabolism and is packed full of vitamins and minerals. and it's got lavender oil in which helps you relax and drift off. the whole shop smelt delicious while we were making them and it was surprisingly simple. you just scoop up the dry ingredients, mush them together in two plastic molds and done, one bath bomb! we just had to take them home and make sure they set before we used them. i'm yet to try it as i've been obsessing over lush's christmas offerings, my personal favourites.

secondly we had the opportunity to have personal perfume and skin consultations. we learned the story behind a few of the scents. firstly was dear john, when the guys started telling us the story behind this one, there wasn't a dry eye in the house! mark constantine never knew his father, so as a gift to him, one of his friends decided to track his father down and they found him. unfortunately his father died unexpectedly very shortly after mark finally met him. so he designed this fragrance as a nostalgic, comforting fragrance that he associated with a father figure. he based it on the smell of a smoking jacket, like when you bury your head into someones chest while giving them a big hug. it's a very unique fragrance like nothing i've never tried. it's very intense and smoky on me, but smells so different on everyone. secondly is dad's garden lemon tree, which was based around the lemon tree's that used to grow in mark constantine's, lush's founder, fathers garden in south africa. this is a bittersweet perfume, literally, as the only time mark got to visit his fathers house, was sadly for his funeral. it smells very citrusy and fresh.

and lastly we went trough all the lush christmas bath bombs, melts and shower gels. as i said, the festive goodies from lush are my favourite and i go nuts over them every year, as soon as they're released. we put all of them in bowls of and watched them fizz and bubble away, so pretty! and of course we all stood around smelling snow fairy and drooling over it, i know some people find it too sweet, but i love it so much. we also discovered that if you mix rose jam and so white together, although it looks slightly odd, it smells incredible!

when it came to leave, as always, the guys gave us an amazing goody bag. we got stepping stone foot scrub, golden wonder bath bomb, a chunk of yog nog sop, which is bloody delicious, i want to eat it! and a liquid eyeliner in fantasy, such a festive shade! they were so generous and such fabulous hosts, thanks so much for hosting another amazing event, can't thank you enough! it' was such a fun night to hang out in one of my favorite shops with fellow bloggers.

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