origins is a brand i've been interested in for ages, yet until now i'd never tried anything from them. they're a natural skincare brand that offers top notch products, that are packed full of skin-kind ingredients. i'm always looking for brands that are more natural and cruelty free to add to my collection. but when i saw this gift set they brought out around christmas time, i had to snap it up. it was the perfect opportunity for me to try the main things i'd been after from the brand, face masks. this kit was also an absolute bargain, it was £23 when i brought it. the masks are 75ml each, just shy of full size and one of these mask is usually £23 on its own! this set included three of their best selling masks.

origins clear improvement mask:
this was the mask i was most excited to see in the set, i've heard so many good things about this from big bloggers and friends of mine. this is a charcoal based mask that aims to clear out your pores. the charcoal in it draws out impurities, white china clay absorbs pollutants in the skin and lecithin (derived from soy beans) breaks down any impurities. this mask is perfect from my skin type, very oily and often blemish prone. i've only used this once since i got it and i was seriously impressed. my skin was very soft and clean after use and my skin was visibly less dull. it also did an excellent job at cleaning out the large pores i have on my nose and cheeks. the redness around any blemishes was much calmer too. i think out of all the masks, i'll get the most use out of this one.

origins out of trouble mask:
this is an origins mask i hadn't heard many people mention, i don't know why because it sounds great! this is like a quick fix for any skin problem your having. it helps calm redness, adsorb oil and ease blemishes. it also aims to slough away dead skin cells, to give the skin a renewed look. it's got zinc oxide in it which helps suck up grease and camphor which helps calm the skin as well as exfoliate it. this also sounds like it's perfectly suited to my skin. i'm yet to give this one a try, but with my skin being somewhat difficult at the moment, this may be my saving grace! i'll report back to you guys with how i get on.

origins drink up intensive mask:
this is a mask i hear people rave about a lot and i've seen a few people include it in their 2014 favourites. this is the intensive version of their drink up mask, which is a 10 minute treatment. this one is intended for overnight use to give skin the maximum dose of hydration. the main ingredient in this is japanese seaweed which helps repair the skins barrier so it can retain moisture, making it less prone to dehydration. having very oily skin means i rarely have use for a hydrating mask. but that being said, when my skin does get dry, which happens very random, it's pretty severe. my skin goes very rough and flaky and no amount of moisturiser can save it. it often stays in this state for a few days too. the only thing i've found that works so far is the avene soothing hydrating serum. but it would be nice to have a product on hand that i can just slap on and it can work it's magic while i sleep.

this is such a great gift set as one, it offers some of origins best selling masks and two, you get a variety of masks that treat different skin issues. it's also such a great price considering how much you'd usually pay for one mask. i'm excited to properly try out all the masks and i'll do a more in depth post on all of them once i have. i am sorry to be sharing this with you guys now you can no longer get hold of it. but that being said, a few of my local boots stores did have some left, so it may be worth having a look! have you tried any of these products? do you have any origins recommendations?

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  1. This set looks fab, what a great gift idea! I've not tried any of the Origins masks but I have tried their Eye Doctor which I love love love.

    alice xo | beautybyalicee

    1. it was a nice gift to myself, haha ;) i hadn't tried anything until i brought this set and now i'm hooked! got to get my hands on some more products! ohhh, that sounds interesting! might have to give that a go, i need to find an eye cream that works! x x