i recently shared with you the absolute bargain origins mask marvels gift set i picked up around christsmas and how excited i was to properly try them all out. as i said in that post, the mask i thought i'd use most is the infamous clear improvement mask, it's perfectly suited to my skin type and i love  good charcoal mask to absorb any excess grease on my skin. but recently my skin has been very angry at me and that's putting it lightly. i've had the most painful, bulbous spots on my chin and forehead and nothing i was using on them could calm them down. that's when i turned to this mask for help and it's been an absolute lifesaver.

i have no idea whats set my skin off, i haven't changed anything in my skincare routine or started using any new make up, it's come completely out of nowhere. but these things happen and acne often flares up worse in winter, due to the lack of sunlight. but i had to do something to help calm the situation down and i haven't put this mask down since, it was love at first application. being an origins mask, it contains lots of natural skin saving ingredients. there's zinc oxide and sulfur, which help absorb all that excess oil that often accompanies nasty break outs. and there's camphor (derived from the camphor tree) which helps both to calm the angry skin and slough away any debris and dead cells from this skins surface, thus preventing further breakouts. this combination of products really do work in harmony with each other to rescue the skin.

when i first applied this to my skin, it was very instantly cooling and soothing. when it set down, i was pleasantly surprised that it didn't feel tight on my skin at all. as i rinsed it off, i was taken aback by how glowy and no longer gray my skin was. the majority of my spots we also so much less red and raised. the texture of my skin was also so much smoother and all traces of oil were gone. the effect of this lasted for a few days after use too. my spots just disappeared and some of the bigger ones quickly came to a head, then settled. my skin had a smooth, matte texture to it too.

this mask just goes above and beyond. it's my new go-to mask for serious skin situations. it's very different from other mask aimed at oily, blemish prone skin, as it's a lot gentler and less intense than other deep cleansing masks. the only small thing i don't like is the smell, it's not exactly unpleasant, just a bit odd, quite earthy. i'm definitely impressed and now hooked on origins products, i'm going to have to get my hands on some more! have you tired this mask? do you have any origins recommendations?

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  1. I hear so many good things about Origins masks, I love their Eye Doctor so no doubt I'd love this too. I definitely need a pick me up when it comes to my skin, so this sounds lovely.

    alice x | beautybyalicee

    1. me too! now i'm hooked on their products, i've brought quite a few bits recently and i can't wait to try them all out! i can't recommend this mask enough! x x