the lush kitchen, the comforter body lotion - £13.95
as soon as the lush kitchen was launched, i was instantly hooked. if you haven't heard of it, lush have a little section on their website called the kitchen and they make small batches of limited edition products, with different things featured everyday. i check it everyday and literally want to buy everything they release. but as soon as i saw this, i knew i had to snatch it up. the comforter is my favourite bubble bar, besides candy mountain, so a body lotion that boasts its heavenly scent is something i had to have.

now, its safe to say, when it comes to body moisturising i'm lazy and quite frankly i see it as a chore. i either just avoid it completely because i think i'll end all greasy and have to wait twenty minutes before i can get dressed. or, i just do genuinely forget and by the time i remember, i'm fully clothed and ready to dash out the door. hence why i love the lush ro's argan body conditioner so much, i can just slap it on in the shower and it's done. so, the reason i brought this is because i thought, i love the smell so much, that i wont dread the thought of using it, i'll actually want to apply, so i can have the scent of the comforter with me all day.

when this arrived i was very excited. i'd never ordered online from lush before and i was impressed, it arrived quickly and was packaged securely and safely. when i took the top off the pot, oh my, the scent was so delicious and identical to the bubble bar. i did have a few reservation at first, the lotion itself looked quite watery and like it would be a nightmare to apply. but, i was pleasantly surprised, although the lotion is quite thin in consistency, it smooths onto the skin like a dream and skins in so quickly, leaving your skin lingering with a dreamy, musky blackberry scent. it doesn't leave any tackiness on the skin and you can get dressed straight away. i'm also impressed with how silky soft this makes my skin, only even after a couple of days of using it.

this stuff has well and truly won me round when it comes to my loathing of body moisturisation. it's a pleasure to use and it makes me smell thoroughly delicious if i do say so myself! i do have to say though, i have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the lush kitchen. because all the products are limited edition and only small amounts are made, it can be difficult to get your hands on what you want, they often sell out very quickly. and if you fall in love with a product, the likelihood of being able to get hold of t again is very slim. none the less, this product is fabulous and you have to check out the kitchen to see what you can get your paws on. have you tired anything from the lush kitchen?

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  1. Wow I'm a huge Lush fan how I've not heard of 'the kitchen' I have no idea! I guess I don't do much shopping online when it comes to Lush which could be why I missed it. This sounds so lovely :) I love the comforter bubble bar one of my faves just know I'd love this xx

    1. it's really great, you have to check it out! it's such a great product, just such a shame you can't get hold of it anymore! keep any eye out though, they sometimes bring back some of their most popular products!
      love your blog by the way! x

  2. Replies
    1. me too, one of my favourite brands! i can't wait to get hold of the valentines collection, it all looks so amazing! x

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