la roche-posay serozinc - £8.50
i don't think it's any surprise that this is included in my januay favourites, i literally haven't stopped using this since i got my hands on it in december! it is the best toner i've ever used and it really is a miracle product for oily, spotty skin. it helps keep oil at bay and very quickly clears up any blemishes, literally overnight. i've seen such an improvement in my skin from day one of using this and it's continued to help keep my skin clear with prolonged use. i just love this stuff so much and it's now a staple part of my skincare routine. if you want to read more about it, i've got a whole post about it here.

this is another product i've recently talked about on my blog. i found this stunning perfume hiding in my stash and i am head over heels for it. it is the most unique perfume i've ever smelt and it's the only scent i've been wearing all month. it's a very grown up, mature scent and i've received so many compliments about it, even from complete strangers asking me what it is! it's a really mixed sort of scent, fresh, yet musky and deep at the same time. it's so hard to explain, you have to go and smell it and you'll know what i mean! i have a more in depth post about all the notes in it here.

origins out of trouble mask - £23.00
i don't think this product needs much introduction! i know a lot of people love it and i'm now obsessed with it too! this mask i very aptly named, it really does get your skin out of trouble. any dodgy skin situation your in, i guarantee this mask will fix it. it's unlike any other mask that's aimed at oily, spotty skin. it's so much gentler, yet it still does a brilliant job at sucking all the grime and excess oil out of your skin. it's really good for calming angry, red spots too. i've got a post about it here.

l'oreal miss manga mascara - £8.99
i just looked through my old favourites and this mascara was in my january favourites last year! i don't know why i strayed away from this mascara, but as soon as i started using it again, i remembered how much i loved it! it is a mixture of everything you want in a mascara, its lengthening, volumizing and it's jet black. it just leaves your lashes with that almost fake look, they're so full and make your eyes look so open. it also works so well on the bottom lashes too. i love love love this stuff. i'm intrigued to try the new miss manga punky masacara, but i've heard a few mixed reviews. this is my review from a year ago when it was first released.

lipstick, witches brew - £???
i think this lipstick is actually my all time favourite dark, vampy, wintry lippy. but, it's a it of a double edged sword because, it's an old lipstick my mum gave to me, that has no brand name on it. so i have no idea where it cam from and i won't be able to repurchase it when it's used up, boo! it's just such a beautiful dark, plumy colour and it's matte, yet very comfortable on the lips. it also lasts pretty well through eating and drinking. i've been wearing it constantly, i really love it, i'll just be so gutted when i finish it! if you guys know a colour that's similar to this that i can easily get hold of, let me know!

what have you been loving this month? have you tried any of the products i've mentioned?

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  1. Great favourites, I'm really liking the miss manga mascara too at the moment! especially for my bottom lashes!

    alice x | beautybyalicee | Bloglovin' | YouTube

    1. yes! it's great stuff! i checked out your january favouroites and loved them! x x