last summer i went to an amazing event in london, where kiss launched their new looks so natural lashes. i was so impressed with them, because previously i'd never strayed away from eylure lashes, which have been my favourite for years. considering how much cheaper the kiss lashes are, they perform just as well and they offer a range of lashes, so you can create any look you desire.

there's a lot of things i like about these lashes and for a high street brand they're such brilliant quality. firstly, is the clear band, that's often quite hard to come across. a clear band on lashes makes them so much more versatile, you can wear them without having to wear black liquid liner to hid the band. you can just pop them on with a very minimal make up look and they add that extra bit of flare. secondly is the way they're cut. they have tapered ends, which resemble natural lashes, making them blend seamlessly with your own lashes. this really helps them sit very comfortably on the eye and they do just seem to mesh very easily into place between my own lashes. along with that, they stay put until you want to take them off. they don't do that annoying thing where they peel off in the very corner of your eye. and lastly i like the fact that you're able to use them again and again without the quality and look of them wavering. they keep their shape and none of the individual lashes fall off or bend out of line. 

all the kiss lashes i've tried are just fantastic. they're so reasonably priced for such high guilty, high performance lashes. they're comfortable, easy to apply and fit in with a huge range of make up looks. i think these would be a particularly good choice if your a newbie to lashes, or if you find that they irritate your eyes. these are very lightweight and you'll forget their even there! i also like the iconic and hot style lashes from kiss too. have you tried these lashes? do you have any falsies recommendations?

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    1. thank you so much, that means a lot! i'm glad you enjoy reading my content!
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