in my perfect partners posts, i like to talk about products that work well together and when it comes to dry, damaged hair with split ends, these two are the dream team! i use these together regularly and i've seen a huge improvement in the health of my hair, particularly the very dead ends of my long hair. they both also smell incredible, so they leave your hair clean and fresh smelling too!

i've shared my love for the aussie three minute miracle treatment before. it really is great stuff, especially for dry and damaged hair. i think this is my favourite version of it yet, it's just as moisturising and thirst-quenching as the original formula, but it's a bit more beefed up and intense. it just seems to inject even more moisture into my hair and really smooths my frizzy, split ends. it also smells different to all the other aussie products because it's got ginseng extract in it which is supposed to help stimulate hair growth. and there's pearl powder, derived from pearls, to help and shine to the hair. i've also got a whole post on the innovative garnier polishing scrub. as i say in that post, i really wasn't expecting much from it and thought it might be a bit of a gimmick, but it really works! the micro-beads in it help smooth and seal any split ends. while the vanilla milk helps leave your hair silky soft and can also stimulate hair growth. and the papaya extracts again help with making you hair shiny, but can also help make it thicker and stronger. it also acts as a great detangler as you rinse it it out.

i use both of these on a daily basis. i use the 1 minute polishing scrub after shampooing my hair and i then use the aussie three minute miracle treatment as well as my normal conditioner. with continued use of them together i've seen such and improvement in my hair. they just really seem to compliment each other, the scrub helps smooth my split ends and the aussie treatment adds some much needed moisture to my hair and makes my hair soft and shiny. these are great too because it gives you hair an intense treatment, without having to sit with a mask on your hair for ages, which i know we don't all often have time for. you just pop them on in the shower, rinse them out and your hair is left thoroughly nourished and pampered! if you need some instant, quick fix products that you can easily slot into your routine, these are the products for you. i can't recommend these enough for dry, damaged hair. have you tried either of these products? do you have any hair product recommendations?

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