i know a lot of people find the task of washing their brushes a chore, but i personally find it very therapeutic! there's so many different ways to wash your brushes, spot cleaning, deep cleaning, then there's the silicone gloves and the solid brush soap. my preference is to deep clean my brushes at least every 3 or 4 weeks, with shampoo and this budget silicone glove. and i always try and spot clean them after i've used them, but sometimes i don't have time as i'm usually running late! so, after running out of the baby shampoo i was using to wash my brushes, i decided to buy the elf brush shampoo and unfortunately, it was a disappointment. so when i stumbled across this is t k maxx for a bargain £3.99, i snatched it up. i've heard people like anna and lily pebbles rave about this soap, so i had high expectations.

the one i picked up is the 18-in-1 hemp unscented version. this one is mild enough for babies, which means it'll be nice and gentle for use on make up brushes. it's certified fair trade and all the ingredients used in it are organic, also the bottle made out of recycled plastic. it's always nice to buy products that are helping the environment and i've recently become very obsessive over the recycling in our house, sorting rubbish into the correct containers has become a bit too enjoyable! anyway, back to the soap. it's packed full of oils like, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil and organic jojoba oil. this is another reason it's great for washing make up brushes, as all the oils help to breakdown all the make up and grime on them. this soap makes washing brushes quick and easy, a squirt of soap on the silicone glove, swirl it around, rinse under warm water and it's done! when my brushes dry, they're soft fluffy and squeaky clean.

it seems this is a hyped up product that actually delivers. i really like this soap and a little goes a long way. it's also a much cheaper alternative to other brush cleansers like the mac one. this stuff gets the job done and my brushes have never been cleaner. i'm excited to try the other scents, like the peppermint one! have you tried any dr bronners magic soaps? do you have any brush cleanser recommendations?

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