luxury nice woman & luxury yes madame eau de parfum - £4.99 each
yes, you did read the title of this post correctly. these are perfumes from lidl that are incredible. i must admit, i did have the same 'what?' moment and assumed they'd smell cheap and nasty, but how wrong i was! i think it was last year that there was some hype generated about aldi/lidl's suddenly diamonds perfume, which was hailed the £3.99 dupe for chanel coco madmasele. i did also try that perfume and i did like it, but it was a slightly too mature scent for me, so i passed it onto my mum who loves it!

so, do these two stand up to the reputation their predecessor suddenly diamonds had? if you ask me yes and i personally think they're even better! my favourite of the two is the nice woman fragrance. to me it smells like a mixture of a juicy couture perfume (i can't quite put my finger on which one) and emporio armarni diamonds. it's a very pretty, fruity scent with deeper undertones. it's the perfect scent for summer i think. since i picked this up a few days ago it's replaced my beloved body shop white musk sun glow i mentioned in my april favourites. the yes madame one is perhaps more of an evening scent, it's much more sophisticated smelling and is again along the same vein of that classic chanel scent. i'd say this is the more 'grown up' scent out of the two. now, the exterior packaging of these leans slightly on the tacky side and the plastic bits and the lids on the bottles aren't all that sturdy either, but what's inside them most definitely makes up for that! the scent pay off with these is pretty good and you can smell them on yourself too. but, the only small downfall with these is that they don't last all that long, maybe 3 or 4 hours max. but i suppose a £4.99 perfume can't have it all. and anyway, for that price, you can't really complain!

if like me, your a bit cautious about using your expensive perfumes on a day to day basis, you should invest in either one or both of these. they're definitely good dupes for higher end, expensive perfumes and i'm impressed with them. they'll also last a long time too as they're 100ml bottles. and for their tiny price tag, these perfumes are amazing and i would highly recommend them. have you tired any perfumes from aldi/lidl? do you have any affordable perfume recommendations?

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