If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that I have gel nails, so I very rarely feature nail varnish on my blog, as I only ever use it on my toes. So, I thought  I'd dedicate a whole post to my favourite polish for adding a pop of colour to my tootsies during the summer months. Because, lets face it, us Brits only get the opportunity to bear out feet for two or three months of the year if we're lucky!

You'll notice a bit of a theme with the colours here, I like the pastely, bluey/purpley colours, with the odd bright thrown in there. Two of my all time favourite nail polish colours and two that I used to wear religiously on my fingers too, the Rimmel Pro Polishes in peppermint & aqua cool, which by the looks of it has been discontinued, boo! I found it here on amazon for a bargain £2.48. Anyway, I love the formulation of these polishes, they're very opaque, two coats and your all set. I also like the wide, square brushes, they make painting your whole nail in one stroke easy-peasy. 

Next up is another throwback, classic white polish. I went through another phase of always having white finger nails. And recently thanks to Grace, from uglyfaceofbeauty, I've really gotten back into loving white toenails. It's very chic and it just works so well. Next up is a purple that's very much along the same vein as the Rimmel polishes. It's the Avon Nailwear Pro + in cultured purple. It's a very pretty, subtle colour, it reminds me of lavender and its just all round very spring/summery. 

And lastly, are three new additions to my collection that I absolutely love. These two from the Seventeen Colour Carnival line, they are so good for budget nail polishes. I picked up bright pink and gold shimmer. I originally only intended to buy the pink shade as I was looking for an affordable dupe for Essie's splash of grenadine and this one isn't far off! It's such a nice colour and it's bright without being too in your face. It's definitely my favourite out of all of these at the moment. I ended up buying the gold one as they were on offer and it's really surprised me, it applied evenly and is sparkly in the sunlight. It'll also be great to wear around Christmas time! And lastly, is one I'm sure everyone's heard about by now, Barry m Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in eat my dust. These have been raved about so much and they really do live up to the hype! I brought this after seeing Anna, from Vivianna does make up talking about it. The colours is so unique, it's an off-white with undertones of powder blue, so pretty! And, as the name suggests, they do dry SO quickly, making for fuss-free application.

So these are my favourite nail polish picks for summery toes! These are all also great colours for making your feet looking more tanned, bonus! I've also been eyeing up the Barry M Quick Dry in pit stop, Bourjois So Laque in fashion gris gris and all the Models Own polish for tans varnishes. Do you have an nail varnish recommendations? What are your favourite polishes for summer?

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  1. That Rimmel nail polish is the most beautiful shade of blue!
    Rachel Coco

  2. Love those polishes!