Benefit They're Real! Mascara - £19.50
In my opinion, this mascara is very much like Marmite, everyone I talk to about it is either obsessed with it or really wasn't impressed with it. And I have to say, I really flit between the two opinions, it literally changes on a daily basis and I feel like the products physically changes on a daily basis too! I honestly can't make my mind up on this one.

This is actually the first Benefit product I've ever tried, I brought it as part of the Real Steal set that they released when the They're Real Push Up Liner was launched. This is also the first high-end mascara I've ever invested in. I'd also read a lot of really positive reviews on it, so was looking forward to trying it. And I have to be honest, from first application I was in two minds about it. Firstly the brush is very different from the type I normally gravitate towards. I usually prefer the the fluffier, ticker, natural bristle brushes. But this one is a plastic comb brush with the unique ball tip, which I actually really like. It's really handy for getting into those smaller lashes and separating everything out from the very roots of the lash. Secondly, the formula is a lot wetter than other mascaras. But I think this is often the case with newly-opened mascaras and they thicken up after a few uses, which this did. But this is part of the problem I have with this, it does sometimes apply very thick and gloopy. Which then makes my lashes clumpy, flat and with no volume. Not exactly what is advertised on the tin! But, fast forward to the next day and boom! In one coat, my lashes are full, thick and fluttery like falsies! 

I've tried applying this several different ways and layering it with other mascaras and the results just vary so much. And that's my main issue with this mascara, the inconsistency. It's dissaponting from a relativity expensive mascara and one that is a cult classic. I am going to keep using it until it's empty, but I don't think this is one I'll be repurchasing. This isn't me bad-mouthing benefit either, it hasn't put me off them as a brand and there's plenty of things I still want to try from them. Particularly the Puff Off eye gel, POREfessional Primer and Watts Up highlighter. Have you had trouble with They're Real? Do you have any Benefit recommendations?

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  1. Literally love this mascara and then I found the Tarte one and fell in love with it. They very similar though. Great post!


    1. I really really can't make my mind up about it! Ahhh, I really want to try the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes & Gifted mascara! x