La Roche-Posay Effclar A.I - £9.50
I've featured La Roche-Posay on my little blog a lot before. They're one of my absolute favourite skincare brands and I definitely think that French skincare is top notch. Effaclar Duo + and Effaclar K are staples in my skincare routine, but for some reason I'd never introduced Effclar A.I. to the mix. So when Escentual had they're 1/3 off French Pharmacy offer on, I brought a tube of it and my skin is loving me for it! And I have to say, using three products from the same skincare range in unison also makes each individual product work to its best.

Often, spot treatments can be very harsh and stripping on the skin, but this ones very different. It's a light cream, that is very gentle and absorbs quickly into the skin. I apply a tiny amount of this to any blemishes and it works its magic over night. This is an intensive treatment, that aims aims to purge imperfections from deep withing the skin, to speed up healing and reduce any marks spots can leave behind. There's lots of clever ingredients in here that help the process along. The LHA's help to exfoliate the dead skin cells away, which helps accelerate healing, Niacinamide, a derivative of vitamin B3, helps prevent further breakouts and piroctone olamine (also found in Effaclar Duo +) is an antimicrobial agent to help purify the skin and reabsorb imperfections.
This stuff certainly packs a punch. It dramatically reduces the size, redness and severity of breakouts after just one application. The spots heal and shrink back into the skin very quickly and I've had no scaring or marks left on my skin at all. Once the blemish has cleared, it doesn't reappear after usage is stopped and the skin is left very smooth.

I love this treatment, it's yet another standout product from the Effaclar range. It's such a fast acting treatment, that quickly and painlessly tackles even the angriest of breakouts. These three products work together so efficiently and are the dream team for oily, blemish-prone skin. Have you tried any of the Effaclar range? Do you have any La Roche-Posay recommendations?

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