It's begging to look a lot like Christmas! It's that magical time of year again, when Lush bring out all their festive goodies and we get together at Lush Oxford to indulge in all things merry and bright! I've said it many times before, but the whole Lush Christmas range are my absolute favorites. They're all the best smells rolled into one and the new products that have been added this year as just as good.

As usual, as soon as we arrived the guys that work in the store were so welcoming and had lots of fun things planned for us to do. I unfortunately missed out on a few things as i had to leave early, but the evening well and truly put me in the festive spirit! We had a look at all the lovely new launches for this Christmas, like the Bar Humbug Bubble Bar, which is my new personal favourite. It smells like sweet licorice and it's such a pretty purple colour. The Christingle Body Conditioner is also a winner too, it smells like toothpaste in the best way! It's so softening and gives your skin that tingling sensation that really wakes you up. The last new product I'm in love with is the Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar, the handle is a cinnamon stick, I mean what more could you wish for!? It's smells like cinnamon, cloves and all the best smells of christmas! And, this year we got to make our very own Butter Bear Bath Bomb from scratch! He's one of my favourites too and he's so cute! He makes silky soft bath water, that smells like chocolate and leaves your skin super mosturised after.

We also did something a little special with the Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb. This product is centered around creating a peaceful environment in the bath, so we mixed it with some dry ice, making it fizz up amazingly and we each popped a bubble to send a thought of peace out into the world during these difficult times. I thought that was such a thoughtful and kind idea of the team to come up with.

The guys were so generous as always and gave us a little goodie bag to take home, They kindly gifted us Santa's Belly Shower Jelly which has tiny little stars in it and smells like mulled wine, Bar Humbug Bubble Bar, my new favourite and Golden Wonder Bath Bomb which is a classic. It looks so sparkly and fun and has a surprise inside! I can't thank the staff at Lush Oxford enough, they're always so much fun and always put on an amazing evening. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and its always so much fun to hang out with fellow bloggers. I also picked up a few other bits that I'm sure will be making an appearance on the blog soon!

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